Mini getaway

Monday, November 17, 2014

We took a spontaneous trip to California earlier, just for a few days, and it was just what Bogdan and I needed at the time. I'm so thankful for the time we got to share together, however brief. It was really a trip for Bogdan's work, but we got to squeeze in some really good meals, some exploring, a movie date to see The Hundred-Foot Journey (so cute), and some quality couple time too. The driving was perfect for hand holding, snacking on large containers of watermelon cubes we brought with us, sipping coffee, and scheming and dreaming and laughing together. I literally packed our overnight bags real quick one afternoon and off we went on our little adventure. I snapped this photo of Naomi on the day we were leaving. It's always the hardest when I have to leave her because we are just so attached at the hip, and I know how much she needs me.

Pork belly with fig and balsamic onion salad on top. The only pork we ever eat in this family is bacon because both of us are kind of grossed out by pork in general, so this was a departure for us.

Those polenta squares were heaven on a plate! They literally melted in my mouth, and I have learned when things melt in my mouth, it's because they have lots of butter in them. This was most likely the case here--but mmmmm...the flavors were amazing!

I was so excited to come back to this place that I thought I wouldn't be back at since our last trip to California, that we ordered two cranberry oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches. I don't know what we were thinking, because this was after a large dinner, but we did the best we could to clear our plate. They're sooo delicious, though.

This was the coolest surprise! My sister Julia and I realized after we were in town for a couple days that we were in the same town and staying literally eight minutes away from each other, and hadn't even known! We quickly planned a little get-together at a local coffee shop the next morning before Bogdan and I headed back home. It was nonstop chatter and catching up and coffee and dessert, which is basically all my favorite things right there. And Julia and Yuriy are also some of my favorite people, so it was definitely a good start to the day and a fun way to end our mini getaway. It was so great to see them unexpectedly like that!

The bros.

Why must she be so tall?!?

We drove through In-n-Out country, so this was our meal of choice on the road. Fast, cheap, and filling, though it definitely doesn't taste as good as it used to. I swear they changed something about their meat, because it's just not the same anymore. Still good, just not the same.

There's nothing like a little trip like this to remind you what you have as a couple and help you focus on your relationship rather than the kids or the household or the career.



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