Five for Friday: week four

Friday, October 4, 2013

1. I switched things up on my counter so the kids could reach the bowls easily, and I added Mr. Whale for the sponge.
2. Look who's in her Bumbo now! She'll only tolerate it for a few minutes, though.
3. One of my favorite lunches, proving simple is always best--grean beans, toasted almonds, butter/oil, salt.
4. My beautiful new book. Every recipe looks delicious.
5. The kids got to dress crazy for school today. Mila did crazy hair but chickened out with the crazy clothes. Ben went all out with the crazy clothes, wearing his soccer pants with a jacket and tie, but decided to leave the hair alone. Olivia chickened out completely.

Hope your Friday is going swimmingly!



A reminder to myself today that things won't happen for themselves. If I want change, I have to change things. It's easy to let life just happen, to coast on cruise control as one day bleeds into the next. The things we really want to do are always on the back burner, saved for a later date when we'll have more time for them. That's exactly how you end up at the end of your life and wonder what just happened. Reading this fires me up inside! Hope your Friday is off to a good start!


Being a little bit selfish

I mentioned recently how run down I've been feeling, like my world is spinning faster than I would like, with no way to put on the brakes. I'm always busy, but it just seems like busywork because there's nothing to show for it in the end. It's not like my house ends up particularly clean, or my ironing pile ever completely disappears, or the kitchen floor stays spotless longer than half an hour. I could spend three hours on dinner, and it just gets eaten and I have to do it all over again the next day. Sometimes being a stay-at-home mom feels really unrewarding because of all the housework involved.

So I've been trying to change things and enjoy life a bit more. I don't want my years to fly by and I didn't even stop to enjoy them, you know? I went out to lunch and coffee recently, and that was huge because I just haven't been seeing ANYone lately. I'm learning how to just schedule things into my day, and let other things fall as they may. If I don't get dinner done because of it, so be it. If the laundry waits another day to be folded, so be it. I picked up a book for the first time in months, and finished it. I took some naps, which is also big for me. I am an anxious person, and when I know I have things to get done I find it hard to let my mind relax and stop so I can fall asleep. I feel like I'm wasting time when I'm napping, but I know how little energy and patience I have for the kids when I'm tired. I got to watch season three of Downton Abbey. That show is so fascinating, I love it! It's almost like reading a good novel that never ends. We even got to catch up with friends one Sunday recently at our house. It's been good. I'm more balanced, and I don't feel resentful. It's nice to be selfish sometimes...


Quote from my Pinterest.

Matchy matchy

One Sunday after church I realized everyone matched, with their pink, white, and brown, (with a touch of blue) outfits. Yay! I shooed everyone outside for a few pictures, against their will, of course, and these are what I got.

I love my family. Some days are so frustrating, and some days are just plain exhausting, but I love being a mother. I always wanted to be a young mom, I always wanted to be independent and make my own life for myself, and I always loved babysitting everyone else's kids. So now I have my own to babysit. ;) Looks like I got just what I wanted, ha ha!

I ask for God's help every day to be a good mother to these children He's entrusted us with, because I fail somehow every day. But I know despite our failures and shortcomings, He calls us to try again each morning, to strive to be more like Him each day. And I know He will help me, and He will help you, if you ask for it. He is working a good work inside me. It will not be complete until I leave this earth, but with his grace and mercy, B and I can raise these kids to serve Him and love Him with all their hearts. That's the only thing that matters in the end.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.


Decorate: orange ivory Moroccan entry

dresser // chair // rug // planter // lamp // boxes // pendant // print

The dresser with the chair are my favorite thing about this entry concept. The intricate detail of the inlay contrasted by the bright orange in such a modern shape--I'm all about it. I would put the lamp on the other side of the dresser, the photo above it, the rug underneath, and the planter and horn boxes on top. Perfect little entry, if I do say so myself. If I came in and was greeted by this set-up, I would definitely want to come all the way in and see the rest of the house!

Five for Friday: week three (on a Monday)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1. My stoneware mug collection is growing.
2. This peanut is always lifting her head (and legs), trying to get up or out of things. Poor thing tries so hard!
3. I thrifted some vintage Christmas ornaments to add to my collection.
4. A new-to-me vintage book. I usually buy these for the pretty spine, but I may actually read this one.
5. Ben and Mila really miss Naomi when they're in school, and always flock to her when they get home. We all need ourselves a Naomi fix every once in a while!


Dating again

We have been able to go on more dates in the last four weeks than the last four months combined. Natalia and I decided we would take turns watching each other's kids so we could get away for a few hours as often as we can manage it, guilt-free. We don't have a regular babysitter, and frankly, I'm not itching to have to pay one either. It's almost easier to just stay home, you know? And now we don't have to feel guilty our parents are watching our kids after work while we're out having fun.

On our first date we went up in the mountains overlooking the city with burritos, dessert, and coffee and just chatted and relaxed. It was just what we needed, and we realized just how much a change of scenery does us good.

This past weekend we went on a bike ride along the river, had gyros and hummus for dinner, then rode back in the dark with flashlights strapped on to our handlebars that we bought last-minute at the drug store. Pretty exciting stuff! Again, just the change of scenery was sooo nice for us. I've noticed that B gets consumed with work problems and can't change gears and just focus on having a good time together. It's almost like we've forgotten how to talk about anything else. So we're working on leaving all our problems and work concerns behind and not talking about them when we're on a date. It's the biggest happiness-buster there is, and that's no fun on a date! We've not been that successful yet, but I'm sure we'll get there.

We owe Natalia and Yury a date now, and then who knows what we'll think of doing next! ;) All I know is I can't wait.