Thursday, November 20, 2014

"The journey is the thing." -Homer

This journey of motherhood has taken me on such a beautiful ride. It's been full of emotion, discovery, so much love, magic, joy, and laughter. Kids have a way of taking things down to the basics and just enjoying the moment for what it is. All the things adults worry about kids are oblivious to, and that makes life so much more about the here and now instead of living in the past or the future like we adults like to do. Children don't know how to be cynical, judgmental, or nasty to others, and they don't hold grudges. They are so quick to forgive, they laugh easily, and they give out hugs and kisses willingly and cheerfully. There is so much to learn from them. Watching my little one exploring and playing and just experiencing life helps me slow down and see things through her eyes. She is always busy having fun, whether she's riding her scooter, watching construction workers pour concrete next door, or playing with her sisters' rubber Squinkie dolls.

Switching sports

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ben has become more and more interested in lacrosse recently, so I signed him up for the fall season to see if he would like it. We needed something to replace soccer, and Ben already knew a lot of techniques and rules of the game from his friends who played. He had even bought himself a used lacrosse stick from one of his friends just to play around with. I've had a lot of fun watching Ben's games--they are never boring and there's plenty of action. The object of the game is to take the ball away from each other as you run with it to the goal, so it can get kind of rowdy sometimes. I know lacrosse is gaining popularity really quickly right now and kids are just getting into it even at Ben's age, so it's working out great for Ben to get started right now.

He has picked it up really quickly because that kid is so athletic and coordinated! My point of reference is soccer, so I've had to get used to the fact that the lacrosse field doesn't end at the goal box, but players can actually go behind it and come back around to shoot. Lacrosse is kind of a cross between football and soccer, but is definitely its own game. It does look really fun to play, and I'm looking forward to watching Ben play in the spring! I can't believe we have such a big kid already! How did that happen?!



We got the chance to drive a Jeep recently, so Bogdan and I made a date out of it and took it up to the mountains to have some fun. We drove up above the city and drove until we found a dirt road coming off the highway. It was a beautiful, sunny evening, and the sun was slowly sinking to the horizon. We were thinking we might stop somewhere and hike, but once we started down one road, we never really found a place to turn around until we had gone on for quite a while. The road was winding through the mountains on its way up, and we kept wanting to know what was around the next bend, so we just kept driving. I finally pulled up Google maps and followed the road we were on to see if we could keep going or if it was a dead end. There were a few steep places that made my stomach knot up and I definitely didn't want to get stuck anywhere. It looked like the road continued on and ended up in a different part of town, so we hoped for the best and kept going as the sun kept coming down the sky. The road got narrow and bumpy but never anything our Jeep couldn't handle, and it was so fun to explore somewhere we had never been before, and though it was fairly close to town we had never known it was there. It's so good to get out of the house every once in a while and break up the routine of everyday life. We came back refreshed and energized for the rest of the week. We really had the best time!


Popsicle roundup

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Naomi is our popsicle queen. The minute she saw the kids licking popsicles for the first time, she knew she had to have one, and the rest is history. I love all these shots I have of her with a popsicle in her hand. She is the pickiest eater and it's always a battle to get her to try new flavors and textures, but popsicles are at the top of her list! I will never have to force those on her.

Though she may be eating something she wants to hoard all to herself, she will always share with someone if they ask. I love that about her. Greed and selfishness are some of the most unattractive qualities.


August on my phone

treasures from portland--a vintage pitcher and ceramic mushroom, a postcard from our hoand portland's coffee of choice

the kids loved making crayons in our new mold from ikea


the beginnings of banana bread on the counter

ben being a good big brother

the middle of the six balloon

picking peaches

top knot, blanky and paci--the essentials

peach pie with a little doughy peach on top

a row of girls warming up in the shower

fits at the pool because i wouldn't let her jump into the water

play time with their cousins is always a good idea

eleven months apart and the gap is closing fast

dragging blankets around everywhere she goes

crib scene

lots of fresh green juice

a new print got framed and is up on the mantle

busy playing

always on top of something or other

Ben's art wall

plum jam, peach jam, adjika

she found a new place to play

cartwheels before the outdoor movie starts

i love when they play like this