A day at the water park

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ben picked a day at the water park over a party for his birthday, so the weekend after we got back from camping, Ben, Mila, Olivia and I spent our Saturday getting wet while Bogdan stayed home with Naomi. It was a bit awkward because Olivia wasn't tall enough to go on most of the slides, but the couple that had no height restriction were exactly the ones she would actually be scared on. There was basically one slide she could go on, so we swam through the river together or stayed in the kiddie area. It was a bummer that she had no one to be with, so she actually got bored! Ben and Mila had a blast, of course, and got their money's worth for sure.

This ride was so high but so fun, and Ben and Mila were brave enough to do it! You basically slide down a steep wall that comes down all the way to the ground, then up onto the other side until you lose momentum and stop at the bottom. When Ben went with me, he flipped out because the rules are the heavier person has to face foward while the lighter one has their back to the slide. So basically, at the initial drop down, it feels like you're free falling backwards. I laughed and laughed at the look on his face and the yelp he gave! And he was telling ME before the ride not to yell!

It was our one and only trip to the water park this year, and we made it count! I of course made it count by coming home with a nasty sunburn because I forgot sunblock, but I'm glad the kids were okay because I put it on them at home.

That boy of ours is such a smart, strong, athletic, witty, know-it-all, creative, bookworm, artist, and creator. He has such a curiosity about life and I know that trait will get him far in life. As long as he has that spark and a desire to learn, anything is possible and attainable. If he's not performing some kind of science experiment or making some kind of weapon, flying object, or shooter, he's outside perfecting his scooter tricks or hanging out with his friends. He's the most well-rounded kid I know, and he basically knows something about everything. He is always telling me fun facts or cool bits of knowledge. He loooves listening to Adventures in Odyssey, and is a proud member of the Odyssey Adventure Club (it's a big deal). He's a great big brother to his sisters, especially that baby sister that demands his attention all the time now. Happy birthday, Bennik! We are so glad you're ours!



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