We came for the music and found doggie heaven instead

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The day after the kids came back from their week-long trip with their grandparents we headed to the park for some family time after church and of course, nap time. Don't ever forget the all-important nap! The park was having an event with lots of different vendors and booths and fun things going on, but the main draw for me was the free concert. Hawk Nelson was the one I wanted to hear, but there were a few others who sang as well. We brought a blanket, sat back, and got to enjoy a free concert as a family. Honestly, though, I'm pretty much the only music lover in the family. Bogdan couldn't care less (at least he came), Naomi was all about visiting every dog that showed up that day, and the older three were in line for bouncy houses the whole time. Or winning beach balls and free movie tickets at the furnace repair booth. Bogdan got a free massage out of the deal from a chiropractor's booth, so I guess he went home happy.

There was a dog in front of this man that you can't see, so Naomi basically wouldn't leave the poor guy alone all evening.  He'll think twice next time he wants to bring his dog out to public places like that, ha! Unless he wants to make a new friend, that is. Supposedly that's a good way to do it! 

Naomi was smitten with this dog from the time she first laid eyes on it. The doggie was just relaxing on the grass, so we joined her and tried to prevent Naomi from suffocating her as best we could. It really was the sweetest thing, though. None of my kids loved dogs (or animals) as much as this kid does, and it just melts my heart into a puddle on the floor. It's amazing to see the things God has put in their hearts--the things that make them 'them, ' the things you know have been there since the very beginning. And this is one of hers.  She gets nervous when the dog faces her and tries to sniff her, but she looooves to grab its butt and cuddle it. Ha ha ha! She knows the butt ain't gonna bite her. All I know is this little girl needs a dog stat!



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