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Saturday, October 11, 2014

 NAOMI train!

thank yous for teachers on the last day of school: movie tickets and candy  

 banana bread, a constant favorite around these parts

our first time at the races and everyone had a good time (except an exhausted Olivia) 

walking back to the car on a perfect summer night  

dinner out with friends is always such a treat 

we live at Costco 

little miss bossy marching around the pool like she owns the place 

she loves her animals and dolls so much  

building forts and entertaining babies while mama's outside weeding 

so happy to be playing in the cool fridge! 

 my view every time I open the trunk 

time to part with a faded art project of Mila's I have loved  

the dishwasher is a magical contraption that draws her in every time it's opened. which is why I wash dishes during nap time.

so many little things that can be put in the mouth--heaven on earth! 

literally my whole family (and a friend) were vacationing somewhere in the world without me, but at least I got to eat the berries (silver lining, anyone?)

 I thrifted Ben's new night table for $25

going through my things, per usual

darks and lights in the parking lot

on vacation with grandma and grandpa in yellowstone

they're back home and we went to jump time to celebrate it 

 Sunday concert at the park with the family

she found herself a furry friend at the park. seeing her love on that doggie like that--my heart wanted to burst! 

our first time in a mcdonald's in maybe 5 years. just for cones.

 it's good to be the baby of the family

 morning scene when I came downstairs

 Olivia is now obsessed with the berenstein bears

her first time at the splash park and we didn't even come dressed for the event



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