Independence day

Monday, October 13, 2014

I feel like I spend all my fourth of July's cooped up in the house, cleaning and cooking and baking all day. This year was more of the same as we were having family over to our house for the evening. No one else we know really makes plans, thus we usually end up being the ones hosting. This year I tried not to go overboard on the menu so I could enjoy the holiday myself and focused mostly on the pecan pies I wanted to try my hand at.

I ended up baking them too long since I had omitted the corn syrup and didn't adjust the baking time down, but they were still really delicious. I will be making them again for sure. The picture above is my pie crust all ready to be filled. And no, that is not a bean pie--those were to weigh the pie dough down so it wouldn't bubble in the oven. My sister Natalia made a beautiful AND delicious rhubarb pie and my mom made her signature berry cake, so we were pretty set on the dessert front I would say!

After burgers we took some pictures in the yard while waiting for it to get dark outside. After putting our fireworks together and making another last-minute fireworks run, we had more than enough for a fun night of shooting them off. Some friends ended up coming over for the fireworks as well, so it was definitely festive at our house that night. I was dreading getting Naomi to fall asleep and stay asleep because last year had been so bad, but she did amazing and slept right through everything. It was definitely a welcome surprise, and I got to relax and enjoy the show. Our neighborhood tends to get really loud on July 4th. With lots of kids at basically each house down the street, the street is lined with families setting off their loot all evening and into the night. It's all for the kids, you know...

What, you thought Naomi would cooperate for pictures? It's not her style, and she's gonna do it her way! These next shots just make me sigh...

Isn't it funny how M and O are so still and smiley in each shot? They know to stay still and keep looking at the camera so when Naomi settles down, I can get the shot. Ben is kind of all over the place usually, but they are just holding those smiles through it all...such troopers, ha ha! Naomi was trying to stay upset, but Natalia threw her up in the air a few times, and it worked long enough to cheer her up for a few decent shots. She's walking off but at least there aren't any tears, so I'll call that a success. Independence day with an independent child. :)

I can't believe last year I was pacing my dark bedroom with a tiny, swaddled lump in my arms, praying the booms outside our window would subside soon so she could finally drift off to sleep, and here she is just one short year later, exercising her rights and giving us a good dose of her personality. All in all, it was a good, good day celebrating this country we live in and enjoy every single day.



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