Double birthday

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Looking back at these pictures from this summer, I am reminded again of all the deliciousness of those hot summer days! I am already starting to miss them. At the time, the heat felt unbearable, and an outdoor birthday party in 100+ degree temps was not appealing at all, but now it seems nice. Oh, the wishing for the grass on the other side of the fence...

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with friends and family. It really is what's most important. Those memories will last a lifetime, and will still be around when any possession or accomplishment just isn't relevant anymore. My niece and nephew were born a couple weeks (and three years) apart and so they celebrate their birthdays together every year.

Natalia always manages to make all her parties and get-togethers special in some way. If it has her name on it, I always know I will enjoy myself. So along with the pizza they had delicious salads and sides and dessert, because it's not a party without the dessert. My job was cupcakes for the birthday girl and boy, so the morning of the party was spent baking those bad boys. The highlight of the day for the kids (besides the pinata) was of course the water balloon fight. It provided a little respite from the unrelenting heat and who doesn't love anything involving water when it's hot? I'm taking notes for next year's parties.



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