Olivia turns six

Friday, October 17, 2014

This little girl of mine turned 6 this summer! I find it so fun how much kids love birthdays, and frankly, I love them just as much. Why not take a day every year to celebrate yourself?! I always find people odd who don't make a big deal of their birthday, and downplay it like it's nothing. What?! It's the day you came into this world! Aren't you happy you exist? I know I am! :)

On Olivia's actual birthday we celebrated on our own, with grandparents coming over in the evening for birthday cake. She wanted to go to the pool, which was easy enough to do. First she had pancakes with candles in them, which she loved of course. Then we picked up her cousin Noah and headed to Whole Foods to pick up a birthday cake and have lunch there as well. When we got back home, Olivia opened her gifts from Bogdan and I and we headed to the pool. She loved her day, and that's all that matters to me! I love giving them a day they will remember all year long.

She requested that Bla Bla bear for her birthday as a mate for her bunny, and her request was granted! This may be them kissing and getting married, I'm not sure. Their relationship is the real deal, people. And on Christmas they are having a baby (she's getting a mini Bla Bla doll)! I don't know why my girls are so obsessed with these dolls, but they are. It's pretty cute.

Check out the look on her face! Her other request was granted--she got a Rapunzel wig! Beware all you moms out there, though--once we took the braid out the hair got hopelessly tangled and it looks like a horrid mess now, not a pretty Rapunzel wig. Olivia never wears it--boo. The 'hair' it's made out of is just super cheap and sticky so it tangles instantly and can't really be brushed out. I really despise toys that aren't made to last and actually be played with...grrr. Also, there's Naomi in her swim diaper running amuck with a pair of Olivia's underwear. Nbd.

Mila testing out the new pretzel float.

Adele and her mom joined us at the pool.

We had to get a few shots in of us with our birthday girl.

That look above is priceless. I'm so glad Olivia was so graciously given to us from a Father who loves us so much. She is a sweetheart and has such a fun, goofy side to her that is different from Ben and Mila. She likes to giggle at random funny things, and likes to be silly, even raunchy (in a kid way of course). She loves telling stories, and her stories often drag on and on and on until I forgot what she was talking about in the first place. I am always reminding her that she needs to figure out what she's trying to tell me because I have things to do. She could honestly never stop talking if you let her.

She needs me to tuck her in at night or she gets upset. As long as I come in and give her a hug and kiss and tell her, "I love you, good night, bye," she's good. She is a creature of habit and gets attached to things and people. She had a hard time when she started kindergarten because she missed her preschool teacher, and now that she's in first grade, she misses her kindergarten teacher. She still misses her old room back when Naomi's room was hers, and still mentions it from time to time. She misses old clothes and gets sad if she sees them because they don't fit anymore. She loves her friends and gets super attached to them. If they upset her, she gets so sad because she feels that bond really strongly and doesn't understand why they would want to be mean to her.

Her heart is tender and easily bruised, so I always have to remind myself to have patience with her and give her more of my undivided attention. She is still super slow in everything she does, so getting ready for school in the morning is always a challenge, as well as meals (she'll just sit there and stare off into space or stare at someone unless you remind her to take another bite). She must have a lot going on in her head, so maybe someday she'll be a writer or something. She never rushes anything and is slow in her actions, but she's so creative when she's doing art and so smart at school. We are so grateful for this blonde beauty of ours!



Ana Ohlandt said...

I have seen a hack on pinterest for untangling barbie hair, I wonder if it would work well on the wig. Love this post. :D

Tanya said...

Oh I didn't think about that, I will look into it,thanks!

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