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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I have obviously been missing from this space for a while, and it seems life (and a slow computer) got the best of me again. I love blogging, but it's kind of a chore on an old, very slow computer, and I often didn't have the patience for it. Also, my days were just moving so quickly at the time I stopped writing, and I really just wanted to be completely IN it and not taking chunks of time away from it all to sit on my computer and rehash everything. Time is honestly so, so scarce to me these days, and I just want to enjoy every second of it, enjoy the stages each of my kids are in right NOW. I didn't want my time at the computer to take away from the time I could devote to my family. Naomi keeps me on my toes all day long, and then when we got the kids in bed at night, most nights the last thing I wanted to do was work some more. So I'd pick vegging on the couch for a bit before trudging upstairs with heavy eyelids to start it all over again the next morning. I thought about this blog of mine often, and wondered when I would post something again, but before I knew it, summer was over and school started and September flew by as we got into our new groove, and...what do you know, it's now October! Phew. 

I'm just glad I forced myself to get that first post up (just as soon as I finish writing it), and now that I've cleared that hurdle, it should be easier going from here. I love capturing our family life and being able to put words with the pictures, to describe what was going on in those pictures, in those moments in time. I'm still going to post some things from summer that I really want to document just because I'm like that. Chronological order all the way. Or alphabetical, or color coded, or whatever other way are favorites of mine as well. :) So the next few posts I want to gather my thoughts about the amazing, amazing summer we had, and then it will be fall posts all the way! I'm trying to love fall (I secretly start dreading winter whenever fall starts creeping in), so I plan on experiencing every glorious aspect of it to keep my mind off the months and months of bone-chilling cold ahead. Oh and by the way, thanks for sticking around and checking in here still! 

P.S. The pictures with this post are some fun shots I got in early June (!!). I had this post saved as a draft when I suddenly vanished off the face of the earth, so I'm starting off with them. Many of them are similar to some I posted on Instagram, but I decided I liked these versions better (I'm so hard to please, I know). A little recap below: 

1. pool hangs 2. sunday naps 3. little miss bossy in her red skirt 4. banana bread 5. trying to escape the pool 6. park with friends 7. hung the dream catcher i've been wanting to make and finally did 8. apricot rum bread--heaven in a loaf pan 9. mila's adorable butterfly life cycle 10. ben launching baking soda and vinegar bombs 11. naomi at the park 12. more bottle bomb launching 13. enjoying the summer sunshine 14. naomi post nap 15. that plastic pig is a favorite 16. making music with friends at the park



Vadim K said...

Welcome back Tanya, I like how you started numbering the pictures with events.

Anonymous said...

what a delightful family, God Bless
Luba from Canada

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