Taking it back to Father's Day

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Father's Day weekend was kind of a blur this year. Thinking back, I basically just remember that it was fun and it was a blur. We had a lot of things packed into a few measly days, so it was just one of those 'go go go' weekends. We spent Father's Day at the park with our church, celebrating Sunday School getting out for the summer as well as all of our fathers. I honestly don't even remember if I made breakfast in bed for Bogdan or not, but I hope I did. Sundays are always rushed in the morning, so I may not have. Let's just say I did. After church, the kids got to run relay races and play tug-of-war at the park and the adults got to chat. B's dad was there and mine came as well, which was perfect. I got some great shots of my dad with Naomi. I don't have many pictures of him, and not many of him with my kids, so I'm glad to have these. Naomi never cooperates for pictures (or for anything for that matter), so we got mostly shots of her crying and sliding out of Bogdan's arms like a fish. :) That child. If she doesn't want something, there is NO WAY you are going to convince her otherwise. You might as well not even try. It just goes from bad to worse and never to better. Ever.

Besides Father's Day, we attended three church services that weekend to hear George Davidyuk speak (so good) and packed the kids' things for a week-long vacation with their grandparents to Yellowstone and Lava Hot Springs. They slept over at grandma and grandpa's that night after the park so they could get going early the next morning, so we went home with one child out of four--not bad. :)

The next day was our anniversary, but Naomi was having such a hard time while a couple new teeth were making their way out that I couldn't imagine leaving her with someone else for the evening. She wanted nothing but mama, poor thing. And there were a million diapers to change, and all you mamas know that poop while teething causes diaper rash within minutes. You have to basically be the poop police to try to prevent that severe rash that just eats through the skin and draws blood and doesn't heal for a week. Poor, poor dears have to go through that...no fun at all. So we ordered my favorite balsamic prosciutto pizza in, I baked some apricot rum bread that I love, and we ate our dinner and rented a movie and that was that. Twelve years down, a lifetime more to go!



Ana Ohlandt said...

I'm playing catch up on my blog as well. Oh life...
Loved this post!

Elena said...

Hi Tanya, I've been reading your blog for some time now. I love how you write and you have inspired and encouraged me in a lot of places in my life. Do you mind sharing how you get your kids to clean up all their messes after all that fun they have? I have 1 boy (so far) but I find that I'm constantly asking him to pick up his stuff. if I leave him alone for half a day his imagination turns the house upside down! LOL! Thanks for writing. Keep writing!

Tanya said...

Elena, thank you for your encouraging words! You know, I am constantly asking the kids to clean up after themselves, complete with grumpy voice and everything. I feel like they should know by now to put things away, but they rarely do it. I'm obviously not the right person to ask, ha! I found that actually writing out a list of family rules (things I wanted them to focus on every day) helped make things more real for them in their heads, and they were better about doing them and even reminding each other to do them.

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