Twenty things about me

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

While I'm on the topic of making lists (which is one my absolute favorite things to do, by the way), I thought it'd be fun to do a 20 things about me post. I see those on Instagram, and sadly no one has asked me to do one on there (ha ha, okay, I'm not that sad), so I'm doing one here. Because I can. And because I would love for you to get to know me better. I turn 30 in a month, and it's made me contemplate lately where I'm at and where I'm going in my life. It also feels like I should document some things about myself at this stage in my life before I officially leave my 20s behind and enter the brave new world of my 30s. Oh man.

I honestly don't want to turn 30 because that means I'm running out of time, but all those people saying they feel the most comfortable in their skin and about who they are during their 30s? It's true. I mean, I'm not there yet, but almost, and I have become much more self-assured and therefore doubt myself less, and I'm able to make choices quickly based on past experiences because I know myself better. And all that leads to more contentment, less fighting things you can't control or change, more finding joy in the everyday. So I'm looking forward to that part of it. Just not the wrinkles. So here goes--twenty things:

  • I'm paranoid of things inside my shoes (spiders and slugs mostly) and gardening gloves and creatures underwater. I try to play it cool while swimming at the lake, but I can't get images of something grabbing me out of my head when I'm swimming in cold, deep water.
  • I have two brothers and two sisters.
  • I hate my widow's peak. It just completely ruins everything.
  • I have always loved how strong I am (physically).
  • I wish I could draw or paint. I see things in my head but can't get them out on paper.
  • I have the widest feet in the world. Mila inherited this from me and her shoe selection is very, very limited. :(
  • I've lived in Idaho for 20 years. That definitely beats 5 years in Ukraine and 4 years in Washington.
  • I'm lactose intolerant.
  • I need to be a professional proof-reader because I can find every single typo and incorrect use of there/their/they're. In textbooks, books, and let's not even start about blogs/Instagram comments.
  • My waist and upper body are way smaller size-wise than my legs, so I have always hated jean shopping. It's my enemy. That waist gap...ugh.
  • I don't mind folding laundry and Bogdan despises it, so he's folded maybe five baskets of laundry during our 12-year marriage.
  • My favorite movie is Wicker Park--so mysterious and romantic and wistful, and the best soundtrack ever.
  • I helped raise my little brother, then babysat all the neighbor kids (and then some) when I was older, and then I got married young and had my own kids right away. So I've basically never been without someone to take care of.
  • A clean house has to be the best feeling ever.
  • And fresh sheets and fluffy linens is the second best feeling ever.
  • I have the biggest desire to travel, but it's been on the back burner basically my whole life so far. I can't wait to be able to see the world.
  • I'd live in New York City if I could, but Bogdan is the opposite and hates city life.
  • I've always felt like I don't have enough friends. But it may be because I have too many kids. :)
  • I have the driest skin of anyone I know. My feet are especially embarrassing.
  • I could skip the food and just live on dessert.
  • This post took way too long to write.



Natalia K said...

Loved this! I think I knew all of this except what your favorite movie is but could possibly have guessed even that :). Bogie's got Ben beat on the laundry thing. And yes, laundry is my favorite chore to do. And let's be professional proof-readers together

Natalia K said...

How ironic that either your website or Feedly or my iPad wouldn't let me finish punctuating my comment about proofreading.

Tanya said...

Natalia, ha thanks! As my sister I figured you knew most of them, but didn't know you knew them all! Plus it's cool how similar we are in certain things like that. Now I wanna read YOUR 20 things list.

Tanya said...

That's weird....I don't think it's on my side since others comment here and haven't mentioned it...

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