Summer bucket list

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I don't like the term 'bucket list' for whatever reason, but there's really nothing better to call a list of things you want to do before the summer is over. So bucket list it is. I was inspired by Amanda Watters to make this list--I loved reading hers, and it got me all excited for summer!

Our summer break started twenty days ago now, but we've been busy celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, so I'm finally sitting down to wrap my head around what I want our summer to look like. We don't have any big trips planned, but summer doesn't have to revolve around expensive trips (hey, we have four kids and we're living on one income, travel is not at the top of our 'needs' list). The local things are an adventure as well, and you get to sleep in your own bed at night! :) Plus, I know there are so many things to do here locally that we haven't done yet and need to do. So here are some things I have planned for this summer:

  • camp out in our backyard 
  • swim at Eagle Island
  • paint something and frame it
  • visit the Museum of Natural History
  • craft with the kids again
  • catch up on back issues of my magazines
  • watch a Friday night movie in the park
  • go hiking with the kids
  • visit a new hot springs
  • lots of dinner guests
  • make an Instagram book
  • go camping in three new places 
  • visit the Boise Art Museum
  • pick fruit at a local orchard (borrowed this one from Amanda)
  • tea party with the girls
  • drive-in movie in Parma
  • picnic at the park
  • swim lessons for the kids
  • try a couple new restaurants
  • visit Hidden Springs
  • dollar theater with the kids
  • host a big dinner party for no reason at all--everyone's invited!
  • start Naomi's scrapbook
  • spend a day at Lucky Peak
  • blow up Ben's volcano
  • farmer's market
  • blow up one of my pictures into a poster
  • go on a hot air balloon ride
  • frequent our neighborhood pool more than ever before!
  • paint the kids' bathroom and upstairs hallway
  • visit a new Idaho city 
  • spend a whole day out of the house (daring, I know)
  • bike the Greenbelt for date night
  • splash pad
  • Roaring Springs water park 
  • launch Ben's rocket
  • sew the girls some skirts or dresses
  • go zip-lining with my other half
  • host some sleepovers
  • a day at the pool by myself-aaaaaaaahhh

That last one sounds so amazing right now! I need to figure out the logistics of it and go spend some blissful, uninterrupted time at the pool with a good book. The things moms wish for...

So now I'd like to know, what are some things that are on your bucket list that maybe I need to add to mine?



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