Photo op fail

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I wanted to try my hand at one of those sweet pictures of the baby gazing into the camera with a slight smile on her face, looking like a little angel, with the window light playing off her face and accentuating her features--you know what I'm talking about. Here's a good example. Or here, or here, or here. That Casey sure knows how to get a good one. What I already knew was confirmed for me, however--this child doesn't do those. She doesn't lay down or lay still--ever--unless she absolutely has to. The poor thing even has the hardest time falling asleep no matter how exhausted she is--she just doesn't know how to let herself relax, so she'll roll around and moan in her crib for a good half hour every time before she finally gives in to sleep. She wanted nothing to do with this, and was off the bed quick as lightning even though I had Mila and Olivia there to help me, and all I have are these pictures to show for it. Thanks for trying, girls.



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