The sunshine is here!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

This particular day was one of the first really warm days of May. There were no sweaters in sight and the sun felt so good on our skin. The spring breezes are my absolute favorite, too. We were at Mila's soccer practice, so she didn't actually make it into these pictures, but Ben and Olivia were so good with Naomi.

I am so thankful for the older three and all the ways they help me with Naomi. She doesn't think I'm nearly as fun to play with, and loves following them around the house. And they're so good at playing with her and taking care of her. Whenever she wants to join them on the trampoline, they bring her on and make sure she doesn't get hurt. When I need to shower or cook or clean something, I can ask them to watch her and they're not always happy about it, but they will do it. And it's SUCH a big help when I really need to get something done and Naomi is doing everything in her power to not let me. I love that they help like that. Naomi loves them and can't live without them.

This was her first time on a playground where she could actually understand what to do and where to go, and she was having fun exploring everything. Of course crawling all over things is her favorite thing to do, so I would say she was pretty happy! I was surprised how good she was on that long board, though! She wasn't walking yet, but was coordinated enough to sit on the board and ride it. I have a feeling she's going to be an athletic one.



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