Mother's day

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mother's Day this year was aaamazing. The husband and kids made sure I felt special on my day, and I really, really did. It felt really good to be recognized for everything I do for my family. Some say holidays are a marketing scheme, a way for stores to make more money, etc., and I agree about some of it, but it's nice to have a day once a year where everyone is forced to celebrate you. It just is. I'll take what I can get when I can get it!

So on the morning of, Ben helped Bogdan make my breakfast, and though I almost starved while they cooked it, it was worth the wait. They made enough food for three people, and we had a good laugh about it, then I opened all my cards. The teapot card from Olivia had a teabag attached to it (you can see it in the pictures above), and the writing went like this:

Here's a gift for Mother Day. 
I'll do my best in every way. 
But when you get upset with me, 
relax and have a cup of tea. 
With love, Olivia

It just made me smile. First of all, it was ironic because a lot of times it's Olivia that I lose patience with. It's not that she's not obedient, but everything comes out "I didn't mean to" and "I was trying to hurry, I was." She is such a sweet little girl, and God is always teaching me and working on me through her to become a better, more patient and understanding person. Like I wrote on Instagram, "Motherhood is the greatest adventure and blessing in this life. It will test you and stretch you, make you laugh hysterically and cry bitterly, force you to grow up and simultaneously take you back to your own childhood. There's nothing else like it." That about sums it up. I am so, so grateful to be able to be a mother. It has always been one of my biggest dreams as a child, and now that I have four amazing children that call me mom--it's just overwhelmingly amazing. I feel very, very blessed.

After breakfast we headed to church, got a shot of me and the kids, and though Naomi was being her normal, uncooperative self, we got a few without her crying in them. Yes! After the church service we had a Mother's Day dinner there, then picked up some treats for the moms in our lives and delivered them all, along with presents and flowers. We finished the day watching fountains dancing to the sound of music, standing around chatting with Bogdan's parents while the kids played and Naomi watched the fountains from her cozy seat in the stroller. It was beautiful weather, and the evening light was amazing, so we took lots of pictures together, every combination you could think of. Us two, Bogdan with his mom, Bogdan with his dad, the kids with grandma, the kids with both grandparents, Naomi and grandpa, on and on....ha ha!

Oh, I forgot to mention I got money and a new diaper bag from Bogdan, and I've spent the money on paint for the kids' bathroom. Now I just need to get to work and actually paint it! The diaper bag I was so excited about, and every time I use it, I just love looking at it. It's actually made from embroidered cloth from Mexico, and it's so beautiful! I'm a lucky mama for sure.



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