Ballerina Olivia's big night

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Olivia's ballet recital was the cutest thing to watch. Her class dance was actually not the best choreographed one (at least I thought). The moves were kind of...interesting...and the girls actually seemed to have a hard time memorizing them and then performing them at the same time. They were learning this one dance from January to May, and they still didn't have it memorized well in the end. So everyone was kind of everywhere, but of course it was still cute. It disturbed me to see so many little girls with loads of makeup on, false lashes, the whole bit. We were required to put Olivia's hair in a bun, have her clip on the right side of it, and wear makeup. She loved being able to wear makeup and of course felt like a princess, but I definitely went more 'tasteful' than 'beauty pageant' with it.

I bought Olivia a single rose that she was very excited to receive when the performance was over. We also got her teacher a small bouquet of flowers that we gave her after the performance. Naomi decided to be a terror that night, so after standing with her in the aisle as long as I could handle (and chasing her around, and trying not to let her escape through the doors, and keeping her away from other people's stuff, and picking up all the snacks she threw around, and trying not to be in people's line of vision), Bogdan and I took turns being out in the hallway with her. She was a terror there too, actually, so we figured she must be really tired and Bogdan took her to the car so I could finish watching all the performances. Well, she never fell asleep the whole 45 minutes they were in there, but at least she calmed down.

Basically after having several episodes like that with her in public places with lots of people and noise, we realized it doesn't actually mean she's tired, it means she hates being there and wants to go home. That girl is happiest outside, but home is second on her list, and she despises any kind of performance or show filled with lights,people, and lots of noise. Who knew little babies could be so opinionated? And express their dislike so strongly? My goodness, that child! So after all that, I was very happy to be heading home to enjoy some Jimmy John's sandwiches I had been craving like crazy. We got home, and Naomi of course turned into a little angel.



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