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Thursday, June 19, 2014

This girl likes to play! Her toys have kind of taken over the house, so I just recently went through some of them and put away the baby toys she doesn't play with anymore. I wish she would just keep playing with all of them because it seems like such a waste, but they just don't interest her anymore. On to bigger and better things!

Naomi has a thing about chairs. She just loves them! She has to sit in every chair she sees, and these two plastic Ikea chairs we have have provided hours of entertainment for her. She likes to climb up, sit down, look around, go back down, and start over, again and again. She'll climb anything that gets her up and off the ground--this girl likes heights!

I took a couple plastic toys out of storage that the older kids used to play with, and though they're plastic and make noise, I'm tolerating them. She particularly loves this pink piggy bank, and in addition to putting the plastic coins through the slot, she'll try to fit all kinds of other things through it too. I'll have to get some pictures of her in action. It's really cute! Well, I'm biased; I think everything she does is cute.

That Ikea walker was the best purchase, and although I would prefer the Brio one (which is of course much more expensive), this one did the job. I like to save money on things that won't be used long, and invest in quality items that will be used for years. Also, buying used is a great way to go with things that will only be used for a short period of time, because usually they're still in good condition, so why buy new? I bought my infant car seat and stroller on Craigslist, and am currently selling my Bumbo, bouncer, and bathtub on there since I don't need them anymore. I actually just resold the infant car seat and got back most of what I paid for it in the first place! (I knew this baby would be long just like my other babies and would outgrow the infant seat quick. And she did!)



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