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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I really love seeing my month in review through these Instagram photos. Instagram is really great for getting me to take a picture, write a blurb on it, and post it right away, because if the process were more involved, it's guaranteed that I would put it off till I 'had more time.' Whenever that is! This way it's instant, I have everything in chronological order, and I can also look back through my feed and see when something happened. If you're not following me there, search tmartsenyuk and add me!

rainy soccer practice  

 new rug! the kids love it.

 always running away from me.

 the cutest baby on the fridge.

 so sad I won't take her out of her crib.

 my first time baking paska (Easter bread).

 little person looking out the window.

 the sun was out at Mila's soccer practice.

 getting ready for bed.

 going back to the car after Ben's soccer game. love seeing these two together.

 found the coolest bigger pot for my favorite plant.

 there's a baby in my bed!

 teeny tiny wedding favor honey jars.

 three of our girls plus three playdate friends--six girls in the house!

 during naptime.

 i curled her hair and she was the happiest.

 new things on the wall.

 smooshy face.

 hi little penguin!

 resurrection eggs for Sunday School.

 baby escaping!

 waffles in the making.

 one of their favorite things to do.

 holding on to her monchichi while falling asleep. awww...

 coffee always makes my day brighter.

 family jump time.

 trying out new recipes.

 trying new foods.

 Mila's cute chain craft.

 too many toys.

 friends over for dinner.

Sam and Naomi having a moment.

 a brief moment of calm.

bouncy baby!



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