Bookshelf baby

Saturday, June 21, 2014

These shots are some of my favorites because they embody who Naomi is. She loves to crawl on top of anything and everything, and apparently she likes to crawl inside things too! Her energy is unparalleled. She just keep going and going and going, all day long, from one thing to the next. Her knees are always scuffed up and so are her shoes. 

Her little red piano had a spot in front of the bookcases back when I took these photos, and she decided it'd be fun to get inside one of the cubes by standing on top of it. She had done this a couple times before, but this time I whipped my phone out and captured it. It's funny that each time she actually gets in, she hates it in there, but that doesn't stop her from getting in again. It must be the challenge of it. These will be so good to laugh at 20 years down the road.

She probably would have loved it in there if her head had fit, but once she realized she couldn't get her head up, she started screaming and I had to go save her. Ha!



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