Busy, busy May

Saturday, June 21, 2014

May, I am so glad you are over! May had to be the busiest month of the year for me besides December. Well, it may be a toss-up, because I stressed out just about as much as I did in December. It was a really fun month, but there were just so many things going on and I felt like getting off the roller coaster for a minute. But there was no getting off, we rode it, and we survived. :) Here is what May consisted of:

my nephew jacob was born. such a tiny, sweet thing. i now have three nephews and two nieces.

i got horribly sick and couldn't get my energy (or stomach) back for a week. so much lost time.

fixing mila's first two cavities at the dentist.

lots of school stuff going on at the end of the year. june 4th was the official last day, but may is pretty crazy with activities. this was mila's book reading for parents. she wrote the cutest stories, and the book was bound and had a description of the author and everything. i'm keeping it to give her when she grows up.

ballet ended in may. this was picture day at the studio.

the school put on an art show, so we walked the halls admiring all the art. and naomi spent her evening screaming at all of us. that girl hates crowds and public places. ben's class did this elk.

ballet party to say good-bye.

lots of projects and activities in may. but thankfully less homework.

zoo trip with olivia's class.

ben's soccer tournament (three games) and end-of-season pool party fell on the same weekend my cousin was getting married and family would be staying at our house. it required lots of juggling and asking for favors from other soccer parents to get him to and from each game. phew!

naomi enjoying her potatoes at my cousin's wedding.

my aunt and uncle were in town for the wedding. mila and my cousin emma got along so well, and olivia with sophia--perfect ages for each other. emma and sophia slept over in the girls' room one night, and three boys slept in ben's room. we love when we get to see them all.

what the trampoline looked like in the morning. nine kids.

bogdan's cousin (and my friend) and her husband came to town.

olivia and noah finished up awana and got their pins. and cake!

julia and yuriy came to town. (this is of course not julia and yuriy, but julia, me, and natalia.)

When I wasn't doing any of the things above, I was pulling weeds like a madwoman, trying to get the yard in order. I was planting a vegetable garden, and some shrubs too. I was prepping for Naomi's birthday parties (we had one with friends, and one with family)--cooking, cleaning, changing toilet seats. ;)  We put together a new bookcase we put in the hallway for the kids' books. I had a doctor's appointment thinking something may be really wrong with me, but thank God it wasn't. Ben had a music performance we attended. Mila got into the challenge program, so we met about that. I sold a couple things at my sister's yard sale. We took family pictures. There was of course Memorial Day, and my dad's birthday. And it was my month to teach Sunday School. It was craziness!! I definitely felt the effects of having lots of kids in May!

And what was Naomi doing while all this was going on?

She didn't care at all. She was just doing more of the same. Oh, what a life!



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