Her first year month by month

Sunday, June 22, 2014

It was so fun putting this post together. It's always amazing to see how quickly these little ones grow, to see the changes from one month to the next. Naomi went from a skinny, helpless little infant to a chubby, slobbery six-month-old to a feisty one-year-old with a head full of blond hair. Looking back at these pictures reminds me of those first days and weeks where all I did was breastfeed, change her tiny diaper, try to keep her happy and content, all in a sleepy fog of emotions and uncertainty. It took so much work, so many hours of love and care, to bring us here. And here is a beautiful place. She still has so much growing to do, but seeing the progress from birth to one year--she's already made it this far--the rest will fly by just like this year did. And I will try to savor all of it. Happy birthday, little one! We love you!

She's done a lot of crying  in her first months (like above), and I didn't realize that as much as when I was going through my pictures, and I swear about half of them are of her crying. Little bug...



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