Bath turtles and veins

Monday, February 3, 2014

This girl loves her baths these days, which makes me so happy. Bath time is so stressful when the baby hates it, but you gotta keep your kid clean, you know? It can't be avoided. She got this plastic nesting turtle from her grandma for Christmas (I bought it with the money she gave me to spend on Naomi), and when she first laid eyes on it, her little legs and arms started wiggling and going back and forth in excitement. It was the cutest little thing. I think it's the colors, but she also loves chewing on the turtle's flippers/feet, and she wiggles and wobbles in the water just to make the pieces hit the sides of the tub to make clinking noises. The shell pieces nest in each other and click on to the turtle body. There's also a little squirty Nemo that goes in the center of the shell that she loves to chew on. I love watching her play with that thing! She may love baths, but she sure hates getting dressed after! I sweat trying to get her clothes on her! Also, I need to get a video of her expression when I'm cleaning her ears. She's usually super wiggly and fussy when I'm dressing her, putting lotion on, etc., but the minute she feels a Q-tip in her ear, she instantly goes quiet and super still and squinks her eyes and "listens." I always look forward to cleaning her ears, I just love it. She sure has us wrapped around her finger. Oh, the third picture down you can see a little blue vein on the bridge of her nose that she was born with. While exposed veins are not something that's celebrated or desired in today's culture, I love that little vein. I have a squiggly vein under my left eye, and sometimes it gets so dark that people keep telling me to wipe the makeup off my face. They don't realize it's a vein. I love that we share the same vein quirk. Even though everyone says she looks exactly like Bogdan, she has a vein like I do. :)



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