Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I always mean to recap our weekends on here cause I just love the weekend and we have the most fun in those two days, but it just doesn't happen around here obviously. This is the next best thing--all the weekends in January in one shot!

This weekend we started off with an indoor soccer game on Friday night and Saturday was spent packing Christmas decorations away and cleaning the house after. It took me about four times longer than usual to vacuum the downstairs because those pesky needles were everywhere! On Sunday Bogdan went out of town and I got all the kids ready for church all by myself, which was a small victory for me. We even had Noah over after church, which meant five kids for me--piece of cake. Ha ha, just kidding, it's only a piece of cake for a few hours, and then I can give that fifth one right back. :)

Our next weekend Ben started footsal (a different type of indoor soccer game), then on Saturday we took the kids to a new frozen yogurt place they had been wanting to try. Afterwards we dropped all four kids off at Natalia's and Bogdan and I went out to a new restaurant WE wanted to try and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty after. It was sooo good to be alone together, and not just on the couch after the kids are in bed. (I really need to get out more.) We only had to pick Naomi up because the older three were sleeping over, which let us feel once more what it feels like to have one child. I'll say it in one word--EASY. Piece of cake. A breeze. You could almost forget she's even home. On Sunday Olivia had a birthday party right after church where she got her hair, nails, and makeup done and got to meet Ariel. She was basically in heaven, and she's still telling me all about it. That girl is the biggest diva there is! Bogdan's great-aunt was recovering from pneumonia, so we visited her in the rehab hospital, had lunch at the in-laws, then headed to my mom's to see her after her varicose vein surgery. We were gone from 9:30 in the morning till about 9 at night that day, and the minute we arrived home, I started feeling nauseous and so, so crappy. Well, it turned out it was my turn for the stomach flu, weeks after the last person in the family had it. It happens this way every time. My body fights it while everyone else is sick, and then after a chunk of time goes by, I get desperately sick with the same bug. I couldn't move the next day, my head and body hurt so bad. It was painful just to walk to the bathroom, and I was freezing under layers of blankets and sweaters. Mila got tears in her eyes cause I looked so horrible, and Olivia told me she didn't like throwing up, but she didn't feel as sick as I looked. Sweet girls. It took me about a week after for my stomach to start digesting properly, my head to stop hurting, and my strength to return. I am never more grateful for my health than after being sick like that.

The next weekend I got a group of girls together and we attended the Dare to Be event with Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill. Again, it was refreshing to be childless for a few hours, but by the end I was eager to get back home and see Naomi. As moms, we're so attached to our babies when they're little that the minute we step away from them, we miss them like crazy. Charlotte's message was in so many ways what I needed to hear, and I left refreshed and changed, and so hopeful for the future and what God has in store for me. I bought their 30-day devotional, Natalie's CD, and Charlotte's book, and am loving all of them. On Saturday we took the kids to Jump Time, where they have a bunch of trampolines, foam pits, trampoline basketball, trampoline dodge ball, and a million inflatables for the little kids. The kids had been begging to go but there was always someone sick before. Finally...FINALLY...we were all healthy.

Finally, I kicked the last weekend of January off by having a friend over for breakfast, and we actually ended up catching up for four hours. I obviously don't see my friends enough. Saturday morning was spent making banana "ice cream" from frozen bananas, frozen cherries, and enough milk to give it the right consistency to blend. It was delicious and such a good alternative to real ice cream. Ben launched his rocket with baking soda and vinegar while we puttered around the house, then we went out for pizza as a family. In the picture below Mila's holding her burger that we got across the street because she wasn't feeling the pizza. We usually don't cater to the kids' every whim and try to teach them to eat what's in front of them, but she got lucky that day. Sunday after church we went out for brunch with Bogdan's family and watched Turbo for family movie night that evening. The best.

January was pretty good this year, considering I usually can't wait for it to be over, but yeah...I'm still glad it's over and we are one month closer to spring. Those days in between the weekends were not always my favorite. Winter in Idaho is a bit too long for my liking. I'm ready for sunshine, though I know it's still months away...



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