Seattle without us

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Our lucky kiddos got to go to Seattle even though B and I decided not to go at the last minute. Naomi was working on getting her second tooth out at the time, and she was so high maintenance, we knew if it didn't pop through by the day before the trip, we weren't going. It sounded like torture to be without all the usual things around the house that Naomi would need, out and about with a cranky baby who couldn't sleep and was going through diapers like crazy too. My sister and her family and my parents were all going as well to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday in Seattle, so we split the kids up between cars and off they went. And my sis Julia and her husband were nice enough to offer to take care of the kids all weekend long, so it was perfect. The funny thing is they left on a Thursday and Naomi got her second tooth on Friday. That little rascal. She still wasn't very happy for the rest of the weekend, though, so I guess it was all for the best.

The kids got to stay at Julia and Yuriy's cool Seattle apartment, explore parks and the city, visit the Seattle Aquarium, and see their second cousins and all their extended family that live in Washington. They came home excited to tell us everything, and obviously had a blast. I love how much energy our kids have--they are always up for an adventure. When they were gone B and I got to take a long walk with Naomi at my old college campus, do some clothes shopping for B (who is allergic to stores, I swear), and have a romantic movie night at home. I got to enjoy my last meal out before I started my juice fast the next day, and even  had my last chocolate almond croissant as well. I swear I'm addicted to those. I've been dreaming about them the past two months while juicing and can't wait to have one again.



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