Happy 7 years to Mila!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

We celebrated Mila's 7th birthday with homemade waffles for breakfast (their favorite) and a day at the pumpkin patch. We arrived during golden hour, so we were racing against the dark to get a few pictures of Mila on her special day. We picked out tiny pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, jumped on their inflatable pillow, played in the corn pit, enjoyed the slides, and rode the cow train. It got cold the minute the sun went down, so we went back to the car for extra layers to keep warm. At one point Mila was about to have a meltdown over something, and that's when I realized that the poor girl was probably hungry. She is completely like me in that way--when our blood sugar dips too low, we get really cranky and emotional fast, so I definitely know how to recognize it in her. We got her a freshly-made birthday burger and fries, which she thoroughly enjoyed, and soon she was as good as new. We didn't leave before trying their mini donuts (they smelled like heaven) and their amazing kettle corn. I, of course, didn't have either since I had just started my juice fast the day before. I just watched it being eaten as my mouth watered. :) Mila got to pick out what kind of DS she wanted (she picked a 3DS XL) and when we got home, there was an amazing chocolate cake waiting for us, baked just for her by my mom. Our little girl is not to little anymore, I can't believe it! Mila is the sweetest, most helpful, most compassionate little girl, and I know she is going to make an amazing woman someday!



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