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Saturday, December 7, 2013

This was our October. Even though it's December now, the OCD in me won't let me just skip a month, so I'm posting it. In October we saw the leaves fall, decorated our house with lots of little pumpkins, finished up the soccer season, went bowling and to the arcade, celebrated Mila's 7th birthday with family, the kids went to Seattle to visit family while B and I and Naomi stayed home, went to the pumpkin patch (twice), Naomi got two teeth and a cold, I started my juice fast, and the weather got cold. I was pretty burned out this month from soccer five days a week (never again) and a needy, teething baby, so it really flew by for me. I didn't get to take those walks I was dreaming about in the perfect fall temps that only last a couple weeks here. I didn't gather acorns or pinecones or leaves for a garland. The days flew by and soon the trees were bare and it was cold outside. Next year will be the year for all those things.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya!
My name is Galina....I came across your blog accidentally and I've almost read all your entries and wanna tell you that i love your blog! Your just so realistic and honest about life...oh and i also have a baby girl that's almost same age as Naomi, her names Abigail. She was born on May 26... so just a few days younger... but they are so much alike its crazy! Thanks so much for having this blog!
(also on one of your entries u shared pics from a trip to Seattle where u met up with vlad and larisa redka.... well larisa is my second cousin so that was exiting to see :)))

Tanya said...

Galina, how small the world is! They were so fun to hang out with, and the most accomodating, thoughtful hosts. I'm so glad you found my blog. I keep finding people who had babies so close to Naomi, it's the weirdest thing! It must be a really popular time to have a baby! :)

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