N at 5 months

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm trying to soak in all her chubbiness and all those baby expressions that cross her face. Those lines in her wrists and rolls all up her arms are the best! At 5 1/2 months, Naomi's super long and super heavy. The kids aren't able to hold her for more than a minute, and she's heavy for me too. We definitely have giant babies in our family! She has completely outgrown her baby car seat, so that by the time we bought her a new one, the straps weren't buckling, and definitely not with a coat on. I had to carry her around wrapped in blankets in this cold Idaho weather until we figured out what we wanted to buy.

Naomi is now sporting two brand new teeth, and they are the cutest thing ever! She started solids this month, and we are trying out all kinds of new flavors to see what she likes. She loves her jumperoo a lot, which is so nice when I need to put her down. I can't lay her down on the floor without being right there because she'll roll  and hit her head on something in two seconds flat. She's also good at getting stuck under chairs, sofas, etc. She loves her toys and is always chewing on one of them. She's gotten really good at reaching for them herself, and particularly loves this little book I got her, I'm guessing because of the bright colors and high contrast. I think it's pretty too, Naomi! :)

Our love for this little babe has just grown and grown, and the longer she's with us, the more we can't imagine our lives without her. She was always meant to be with us. I just hope we don't all spoil her too much! I have to say, it's really fun to have a baby in the house when the other kids are a bit older. They enjoy her too, and I only have one in diapers--win-win.



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