Juice fast progress: day 30 to day 40

Friday, December 20, 2013

Between days 30 and 40 I lost 5 pounds. During this time in the juice fast I started feeling like myself again. I would look in the mirror and feel my old self coming back, and it felt gooood! It just makes you feel at peace. It's so true that no matter how much weight you gain in your life, you still feel like your real self is that skinny girl just waiting to come out. I started fitting jeans that had been my 'goal' jeans for a long time, and I could never quite fit them comfortably. Now it wasn't a problem! Once I had gotten over the 30-day hump, things got easier and I felt like I was coming down the mountain now instead of just going up. I always knew how many days I had left, and I counted down to my goal one day at a time.



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