The 6-month mark

Friday, December 20, 2013

If you come into our house, you will often find Naomi sitting like this in someone's arms. The girls have a hard time controlling her these days, and sometimes she pulls their hair and makes them cry, or arches her back and knocks them over, but they can't live without her. Someone is always wanting to hold her, even though they know they may have to wrestle her to get her to sit.

At six months Naomi is showing her personality more and more. She is this cute little ball of energy. She makes feeding her really hard because she wiggles like crazy, and her newest thing is trying to roll over onto her stomach while eating. And she gets so mad when I won't let her do it, too. She's always been a distracted, fussy eater, but now she's so squirmy that she's taking it to the next level! She still has just two teeth, and loves to feed herself yogurt dots and puffs. I love making homemade soup for her.

Naomi is scooting and rolling wherever she wants to go, which is fun to watch. I love that she needs no encouragement to try new things and just goes for it. She's a determined little girl. She still loves her jumperoo. She's always pulling on her socks or tights, likes to suck on her toes in the bathtub (the only place she doesn't have socks on), and is finally getting good at sitting. She's super tall and super strong--her grip is pretty crazy! She's probably at her chunkiest, but she's definitely not the chunkiest baby we've ever had! Her hair grew long enough now that it's actually laying down on her head instead of standing up in a baby mohawk. Wonder how long until I can put clips in her hair...



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