November on my phone

Friday, December 20, 2013

In November, Naomi had a cold, I found some amazing things at Target, we enjoyed the pretty leaves, did crafts in Sunday School, got new plant friends, hung out with cousins, listened to live music from James Orr while snacking on brownies and hot chocolate, Ben launched his tissue paper balloon (which flew the farthest of anyone's--that boy knows how to build!), went to the library, celebrated Thanksgiving, everyone got sick again, Ben got strep, I put away lots of little baby clothes and got out the bigger ones, had a fun date of pizza and park time, bought more natural beauty products to try, and painted the toy room white. This month it seems was all about bringing order to this chaos that is our lives. And spending lots of money to freshen things up a bit (oops). Isn't that always the struggle for us women? I don't realize I'm spending a lot of money until I've spent it? A lot of little purchases always add up to a big number in the end, so I am always asking myself if I really need it and if I will love it five years down the road. I have found doing that helps me only buy things that are completely my style (which means I am going to love it forever) and helps me stay away from fads and weird trends that I think I like but I realize too late that I don't really.



Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya-I just came across your blog and must tell you that you have one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen! Xoxo Allison

Tanya said...

That warms my heart! Thank you, Allison!

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