Changes to our spaces

Friday, December 20, 2013

I painted Ben's room months ago, and have been majorly stalling on putting the finishing touches on it. I finally made myself commit to an arrangement and hang things on his walls this month, and once we get him a new full-size mattress and I hang his solar system from the ceiling, it will be good to go. Yay to getting things done!

Also, painting the toy room this month has made such a big difference in there, and it feels like my vision for the space is finally coming together seven years after moving into this house. The white walls make it so bright and cheerful, and it's the perfect backdrop for all the colorful toys and art prints. I would love to scout out some cool old furniture for our house on Craigslist and maybe estate sales, but that's one thing that I haven't had the time for lately. I am now working on redoing the artwork on the walls in the toy room to finish the space up.

 It sure was a productive month around here! I even brought order back to Naomi's room this month, which starts to look like some kind of storage room real quick if I don't keep on top of it. I will share photos of both Ben's bedroom and the toy room once I get things finished up. Decorating and making a space my own is my favorite thing in the world--I definitely thrive on it. My poor husband sometimes doesn't understand this about me, and asks me why I'm spending time painting things that don't need to be painted when I have a million other things to do. I just have to. That's all. :)



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