Up in the woods

Friday, August 30, 2013

Summer is almost over, but at least we went camping once! I would love to get away for a weekend just B and me, but it's not an option this year because of Naomi. Can't wait till next year--we need to go for sure! I love being unplugged for a whole weekend and just breathing fresh air 24/7. It's a good change of pace for sure. This was a church camping trip, where anyone from church who wants to go, goes. It's a lot of fun for the kids since there are a bunch of other kids there, and they have a blast running around, swimming, riding bikes, sitting around campfires...it's become a tradition in our house and we didn't want to miss this year, so off we went!

The older three went on Wednesday afternoon with their grandparents, and B, me, and Naomi went Thursday evening, and we all came back Sunday. It was a lot of work with an almost-3-month-old, but it was still a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts of camping is sitting around the campfire late into the night, and I got to do that, so I'm a happy girl. Naomi even joined us one night because she couldn't sleep, and it looked like she loved it as much as I do. It put her out nicely for the night, and we both got some much-needed sleep after a rough first night.

(Please don't judge my thighs...my goodness, I have a lot of work to do. I feel so weird in my body these days. And I'm only buying enough clothes to keep me from having to be naked until I lose some of it. Ugh. But...I still wanted pictures with my baby girl because she won't be little forever!)

We drank a lot of La Croix. My favorite flavor--peach pear.

Little bug in the tent.

Oh, Olivia...

Poor boy gets so many cold sores, and he got two huuuge ones right before camp. Someone said he looks like a vampire with fangs, ha ha! He totally got it from me, I had a million cold sores as a child. Now I get much less of them as an adult.

Just look at those cheeks! No wonder her head is hard to hold up! They look like they're going to swallow her mouth.
Not the most beautiful scenery since many of the trees were destroyed by fire, but the camping spots are really nice. Next time I want to camp somewhere super rugged, though. Am I weird to want that? I just feel like the scenery will make up for the inconveniences.

Mila after jumping off the rope swing. I love how daring and athletic she is, and is always up for trying things. I couldn't get a shot of her jumping since I had to launch her.

Adele is such a beautiful little child, and she sure loves her cousins.

And her older brother, Noah. What can I say, always up to something naughty...


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