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Monday, August 12, 2013

1. In the bathroom mirror. 2. Each picture I take of my wiggle worm is different. 3. Our cake on the fourth. 4. They love the pool. 5. Painting salt dough fruit. 6. She just got clean. 7. Making fudge for Olivia's birthday party. 8. B can't get enough zucchini fritters in his life. 9. Natalia and I made a birthday dinner for my mom. 10. Ben got to go to Seattle for a week with my mom. 11. Enjoying a smoothie on a hot day. 12. We love Smashburger! 13. Watching Adele and Noah three days in a row (their grandpa had a heart attack). 14. She learned to pull her arms out of the swaddle. 15. Spinach, ham, and cheese frittata. 16. The smallest cousins. 17. Cooling off in the blow-up pool. 18. Naomi putting the older kids to bed. 19. B's chocolate picks. 20. She got a new bath tub and I think she likes it! 21. Olivia and her 'horsey.' 22. Hydrangea from the backyard. 23. Painting the sidewalk. 24. The giant origami crane came down so I could paint Ben's room. 25. Whole Foods treats. 26. N and I after dinner at our friends' new place. 27. Birthday dinner. 28. Back flips off the floatie. 29. Birthday treats. 30. Mila's plea to please go to Jump Time. 31. Pretty sunset. 32. With Tanya and Natalia  at my birthday dinner. 32. The coolest card and gift card holder (the gift card was pretty great too!). 33. Animal crackers and cream cheese.



Natasha of Natashaskitchen.com said...

4th from the top on the left = death by chocolate! That skillet egg fritater dish looks so good! Do you have the recipe posted YET?

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