A little time off

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We got back from a road trip to California last week, which was a fun little trip for us and perfect for me because I have been itching to see something new. The suburbs just don't cut it for me sometimes. :) We actually drove there without the three bigs because they were still in Lake Tahoe with their grandparents, but they arrived the next day and then we drove back home with all of them at the end of the trip.

I was nervous to drive with Naomi but ready for the challenge, and I am happy to report that she did really, really well. She actually started teething a couple days before we left, but I didn't realize that's what the problem was, and I guess good thing I didn't. That way I didn't have to worry about it because I didn't know there was anything to worry about. She was a trooper, and was so patient through everything. I started using naturopathic teething tablets, and they seem to help a lot.

When we arrived, we arrived starving because we were anxiously awaiting our first In-n-Out meal. We were pleasantly surprised to find one within walking distance from our hotel, and we basically had brunch there every day (don't know if I should call it breakfast or lunch, since we ate only twice a day). Their burgers are basically the perfect burger in my book, basic and delicious, and I just love that their meat and potatoes are never frozen. You can definitely taste it. Then we explored downtown Sacramento for a bit and had dinner at a restaurant I wanted to try. The pizzas we had were good, but the oatmeal red currant cookie ice cream sandwich was amaaazing. I want one now...

The next day we took our time and slept in, had our burger breakfast, and watched the kids swim in the hotel pool while Naomi napped in my arms. Then we attended B's cousin's wedding that evening. It started out kind of sweaty under the California sun, but as the evening went on, the weather cooled down and the breeze felt so good on my skin. We sat under a big shady tree, and I loved being outside and just taking it all in. It was a beautiful wedding.

Naomi was staring so intently at something, and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember what it was. The moon maybe? Or it might have been a tree? She wouldn't move; it was so cute.

The next day we met friends at In-n-Out, got our craving out of the way, and headed to Old Town for a river boat tour and some more exploring. I was expecting something a little more exciting, and some prettier scenery on the boat ride, but at least we got to chat and catch up with friends. We ended the night with sushi and some fountain watching in some shopping area in Sacramento. Naomi was so distracted by the pretty changing colors of the fountains, she forgot all about her bottle, though she had been crying for it earlier. It's so fun to witness your children seeing things for the first time like that--everything is brand new to her.

Little photo bomber!

How did we end the trip? With In-n-Out! It saved us a bunch of money on going out, and we thoroughly enjoyed it every time. We've been avoiding burgers at home ever since we got back, but if it was an In-n-Out burger, I don't think I could say no...

The kids got to run around during a pit stop on our way back home. This is somewhere in California. We stopped at Trader Joe's on our way home, and brought so many snacks and goodies back with us. B just wanted to get home and wasn't too happy about stopping, but once we got inside, and he realized most things are organic, he had a field day. He's been on a huge health kick lately.

It was a good trip, and we made good memories as a family. Also, our little Naomi set a new record in our family for being the youngest of the siblings to go on vacation. I'm sure she'll be proud of that in years to come. ;)



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