June on my phone

Thursday, July 4, 2013

June, the beginning of summer. Lots of sunshine, an abundance of fruit and berries, some sleeping in, plenty of days in pajamas. I love how life slows down in June and I can catch my breath a bit. This June is especially slow for me as I'm barely able to do anything other than take care of Naomi, and I'm okay with that. I would normally be irritated that the days are flying and I'm not accomplishing much of anything, but I'm  cutting myself some slack (lots of slack) and just taking it day by day. We are so blessed.

1. graduating from preschool 2. getting some reading done while nursing 3. giving kisses is her favorite 4. she's a long one 5. birthday cake in the morning 6. the baby says hi 7. new music and coffee 8. baking with o 9. we love to juice 10. love my Clarisonic Mia 11. tiny bird over my shoulder 12. Ben's creative cardboard frisbee 13. a quiet minute in between the crying 14. Sunday treats 15. always wanting to hold her 16. trying out my new cookbook with some chili 17. Polly Pockets 18. a mask from a friend 19. chalk everywhere 20. summer essentials 21. tiny socks on tiny feet 22. thoroughly enjoyed this read 23. happy birthday, Noah! 24. roasted acorn squash with mushrooms and onions 25. her cheeks are definitely getting plump 26. arms out of the swaddle 27. mother/daughter 28. attitude on the trampoline 29. out to a wedding 30. six of us 31. swinging problems 32. saying goodnight to her siblings 33. Ben's turn to hold her 34. eating a slice a day of this frozen raspberry cake 35. at the pool 36. favorite snack 37. they all loved VBS 38. Naomi at the VBS potluck/games party 39. third book of the month 40. white on my windowsill 41. sleeping in my spot 42. quinoa with all the fixings



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