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Saturday, July 6, 2013

I shared some homes recently that I loved from The Socialite Family, but I left out my favorite one. I thought it deserved it's own post. There are so many unique touches everywhere you look in this home, and the furniture is never generic or boring. That's my favorite kind of place. 

Take a look at those paper blow fish hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room. I'm also loving all the dressers and storage pieces, which make a place functional but also allow you to display fun things on top. Even the coffee table has storage. The walls are white to offset all the pretty colors, and there's plenty of neutrals as well. This apartment just has it all. 

That paper lantern by the window is pretty great.

This console is pretty great as well. The tall gold vases, the tulip lamps, the mirror, the one print on the left side...all of it together...love it. And I especially love the light fixture peeking out from the other room.

Why do I love everything I see here? The face plates, the light of course, the pretty blue tile, and the globe light on the dresser...yes, yes, yes.

I need some mismatched chairs in my life as well. I'm thinking whenever we replace the breakfast nook table since the chairs are falling apart, it will be the perfect opportunity to collect some mismatched chairs for the spot. Is it bad to say I can't wait till our wobbly chairs finally fall apart? :)

All photos from The Socialite Family.



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