Thoughts at 4 weeks

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4 weeks

She consumes all my days, all my time, all my energy. There are rough patches of uncertainty and second guessing myself. There is very little sleep and there are some tears. There is never-ending laundry and a growing to-do list. And despite all that, I am completely smitten with her. I feel like she has completed our family and filled my heart to overflowing. She was exactly what we needed, exactly what I needed. I am reminded of that quote from Dostoyevsky, "The soul is healed by being with children." It really is.

 Looking back now, I can't believe we debated for so long if we should have that fourth baby. What were we waiting for? You were meant to be here all along. You were in God's plan for us. Now I can't imagine life without you. I cover you with kisses all day long, and in the moments in between, I stare and stare at you. Naomi, you are bringing us so much joy, and I love being your momma. I can't wait to watch you grow into the woman God has intended you to be.



Jenn Kirk said...

She is gorgeous! Mind blowing how the newest addition to a family feels like you're starting all over again, yet you feel like you've been together forever. Enjoy soaking it all in!

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