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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So I've been spending way too much time on Instagram. I know this because anywhere I go, I have the baby in one hand and my phone in the other. I really need to cut back...but...there are a few girls I follow on there that have me so inspired to start going thrifting again.

I gave up thrift stores a while back when I decided I just didn't have time for it. It really is very time-consuming, and the kids would whine when I said we're going thrifting. I need to figure out how to fit it back in my schedule again. I would also love to hit up some estate sales, but the reality is I like to use my Saturday mornings for sleeping in unless I have to be up.

There is nothing better than finding something wonderful and unique and for very little money. It makes for a very original home and a pretty wardrobe. Just take a look at these three ladies' Instagrams...

The first seven are from Rubyellen from Cakies blog--

The second picture in this set and the following three are from Stacy of Hart + Sew blog.

These next ones are from Bridget (love her name) from Deer Circus blog.


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