Summer shenanigans

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer has been good to us over here. It's definitely been a warm one here in Idaho, with the temperature hovering right around 100 degrees for most of the summer. I haven't been able to get outside much, or out of the house for that matter, but I'm doing better than I thought I would be. I'm thankful for that. Naomi is getting less fussy and I can read her cues now, so I'm definitely feeling less stressed. All good things.

Here are some things we've been up to the last couple weeks. The kids had a end-of-year Sunday school party at the park.

We've been to the pool several times. Need to do it more.

The kids did VBS this year, and loooved it. I was worried about dropping them off and picking them up on time every day, but my sister stepped in a couple times and did it for me. It was so nice of her. It made for some relaxing mornings, let me tell you. We attended a BBQ with a free ice cream truck, food, and games on the last day of VBS, and it was HOT. The kids loved it cause they got wet, but I, on the other hand, stood around holding a baby all evening with sweat running down my back.

Some other things I want to do this summer before it's over:

  • go camping
  • zoo
  • picnic at Table Rock in the foothills
  • Boise Art Museum
  • Discovery Center
  • Jump Time
  • have Noah sleep over
  • have Stone sleep over
  • drive-in movie
  • picnic at park
  • hot springs
  • splash park at Roaring Springs
  • mini golf
  • Eagle Island lake
  • and the kids really want to go to Jabbers.
It's still a pretty long list, though we have done a few things I've wanted to do already. Lots of things to squeeze in before school starts up again! 



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