May on my phone

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I feel like my Instagram posts are getting longer and longer, probably because I have been taking more pictures with my phone versus my SLR. I know this is bad and I really need to pull my big camera out more, but the phone is just so darn easy!

Starting in June I think I'm going to start blogging with some of my iPhone pictures throughout the month, and whatever is left over will go in the monthly Instagram post. This will spread everything out more. There were so many shots of May that I wanted to use, so I'm just dumping them all on here. Because I can. :)

1. a chilly but springy day. 2. 38 week bump 3. blondie in the car 4. getting iced drinks again 5. salad 6. still on my organizing frenzy 7. strawberries and fresh whipped cream 8. shopping 9. park time 10. sleeping so deeply 11. 39 week bump 12. it's warm enough for water! 13. they love their dad 14. snowballs from my mama 15. Mother's Day breakfast in bed 16. out to linner with gifts for our moms (lunch/dinner) 17. paper mache bowls about to happen 18. a beautiful musical performance 19. among the mannequins 20. dinner is served 21. working on the nursery 22. toy display in the play room 23. welcome naomi!! 24. and she's home!! aahhhhh...feels good 25. three days new 26. four days new 27. flowers from visitors 28. everyone wants to hold her 29. my man with my baby 30. nursing our days away 31. reading nook 32. water guns and lollipops on the last day of school!

May was a crazy month with lots of to-do lists that kept me on track and accomplishing things before Naomi's arrival. I was kind of a crazy lady hauling things in and out of the house and yard and who knows what, thinking maybe all that activity would make the baby come faster. Well, no such luck, but at least I got a bunch of things crossed off that list. Because right now, I'm not getting ANYthing done. I can barely brush my teeth and get my makeup on, and I rely on B for basically everything else right now. He is officially Mr. Mom. It got really stressful at the end of the month with the end of school and Naomi being so little, but school getting out right after--it was just perfect timing. Now I can sleep in if I need to and I have absolutely nowhere to be at any given time. It's great!

Looking back at these pictures, I feel like the ones in early May happened ages ago. So much has happened and our lives are so different from then to now that it just doesn't seem possible it was just a month ago. Time plays tricks on us that way, that's for sure. Also, seeing those belly shots reminds me how wonderful it is to not be pregnant anymore!!! Lots of things to be grateful for over here, most of all our sweet Naomi girl.



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