She hates it I think

Friday, June 14, 2013

 7 days old
first bath

Obviously you can tell this little girl does not enjoy bath time. In fact, she pretty much hates it. Other things she hates:

  • diaper changes; starts crying the minute I start unsnapping her clothes
  • waiting to be fed because she needs it NOW
  • baby wipes; I have been using warm wash cloths instead
  • getting her cord wiped down with rubbing alcohol
  • changing clothes
  • bottles
  • pacifiers are a love/hate relationship; she makes a horrified face and tries to push it out of her mouth, but being able to suck on something helps her fall asleep
  • being anywhere but home
Things she loves:
  • nursing
  • sleeping in someone's  anyone's arms
  • nursing
  • more nursing
That about sums up this little girl. She is turning out to be a little spitfire...we shall see her true colors as she gets older, but I have a feeling she has a fiery side. 

I can see Naomi's wrinkly skin filling out now that she is over three weeks old, and her cheeks are definitely rounder. Plus, she's not swimming in her clothes, so she must have gotten longer as well. She just keeps getting longer instead of wider! 

I had a moment a couple days ago where I realized Naomi has changed in her face and looks older all of a sudden, and I got really sad that this infant phase is so insanely short. It just flies....but...I'm basically over it now. I just had to remind myself that I kind of can't wait for every milestone and every stage of babyhood, and her growing up isn't a bad thing for either of us. Sometimes I gotta remind myself that the present is right where I'm supposed to be.



Julia Manchik said...

Such a darling little crier, but poor mom! Love all the patterns going on in your home. <3

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