Easter really happened, I swear

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My belly at 33 weeks was so little, though I felt huge at the time. Now I know for sure I was little, because I'm huge right now!

I missed posting Easter pictures on here, and I just can't let it go, so I'll do a little recap. After all, these kids were so excited for Easter, and they definitely had a good one. I made sure to talk to them whenever Easter came up that the holiday celebrates the day Jesus died for us and thus allowed us to have eternal life with him in heaven. Very different from chicks, eggs, and bunnies. And nothing to do with candy. I think it's so important for kids to know the real reason for doing something, no matter what it is.

We did a neighborhood egg hunt Saturday morning, then headed over to my parents' house for another hunt and dinner later that afternoon. Dinner at my parents' house never disappoints, so everyone was happy at the end of it all, adults and kids alike. The next day on Easter, the kids recited their little Easter poems that they memorized, sang their songs, and looked so good in their Easter clothes while doing it. :)

Christ has risen! He has done everything that needs to be done in order to save us from our sins. When I stop to really think about that, I am overcome by gratitude. We are saved not by the good lives we lead or the good things we do, because those things are never enough. We are saved by grace, and only grace. Such good news.



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