40 weeks...and counting

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My belly and I on my due date on Saturday. Please forgive me for wearing the same tank in every single picture I take. It's just so stretchy! And comfy! And some other things I have look mu-muish now, so I'd rather not wear them. I wanted to make sure I got a few shots of my belly before it went away, and it looks like I didn't need to worry. It's now Tuesday and no signs of baby yet. People always comment how I'm all baby, and marvel at how narrow, long and pointy my belly is. I think it looks much more normal than some of my other pregnancies, when it really did look like one of those super long watermelons stuffed under my shirt. My favorite is when I'm shopping and someone says something to me, I turn around, and they react with a "Woah, I didn't even realize you were pregnant" while putting their hand out. It's like I smacked them in the face with my belly or something. Not sure what I'm supposed to look like from the back, but I guess you can't tell I'm pregnant until I swing myself around. :)

I'm trying to be patient, and sometimes I'm glad to have extra time to get some things done or to relax a little, and other times I just feel completely miserable and feel sorry for myself. I've tried to stay really active and busy because I'm one of those deadline-oriented people, and once this deadline passes, I won't have half the motivation to get things done that I have now. This last week I cleaned all the downstairs blinds, washed every window inside and out, hosed off the screens, weeded and cleaned up the yard, planted our garden, cleaned the fridge, ironed a huge basket of clothes that's been sitting around, tried lots of new recipes, worked on the baby room, watched a couple more documentaries (I highly recommend The Business of Birthing on Netflix), and did lots of shopping. I thought I was going to die walking around the mall the day before I was due, but I got what I needed, survived, and this baby stayed in. So when I look at it that way, I'm glad I haven't had the baby yet. And whoever's been calling or texting, no news...is no news. :) Trust me, I'm not keeping secrets over here.



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