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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We had our baby girl exactly two weeks ago now, and we are still adjusting to life with a tiny baby in the house. It's been so fun and so exhausting and so new and so beautiful, and I thought I'd share some of my birth story today. I've tried to enjoy every minute of it and imprint it on my brain. I spend my days feeding that little girl, who is constantly hungry! I'm still exhausted and need a nap SOO badly but can never seem to squeeze one in, but I am so thankful for my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister who have been cooking for me these past two weeks. I don't know what I would have done without that. The biggest help has been my wonderful husband, though, who has taken over mom duties so I can focus on the baby and make sure breastfeeding is successful this time around. I've run out of milk early on with my other babies, and I had to stop nursing Olivia at 1 1/2 months of age because my supply just kept going down no matter what I did. B spent a week at home with us this time, which was amazing (he's never done that before), and now he rushes home from work and immediately starts doing what needs to be done here at home, all evening long. I love that man so much.

I'd been having contractions for months, so I had been on edge for a while before I had Naomi, always wondering if these are the real ones that will lead to labor or just another false alarm. I had pretty strong and consistent contractions all Monday, then all through the night, and they started getting a little painful on Tuesday, but I still wasn't sure. So I went about my day, but with new energy to get this or that done in case the baby really is coming today. I cleaned out the fridge in the garage and both freezers, did laundry, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms, tidied up the house, packed my bag. I was sure we were going to the hospital by 5 pm, but I kept on doing things through the contractions until I realized I was really sweaty and they were getting pretty painful. I called Bogie to come home and we headed to the hospital, excited and nervous (me).

When we arrived at 8:30 pm I was disappointed to find out I was only at 4 centimeters since the pain was pretty intense already. In another hour I was only at 6 but I felt like I couldn't handle it anymore. I remember it felt so stinking good to not be in pain in between each one, and I kept telling B that. It was heaven...until the next one hit. I was debating an epidural but I couldn't even think straight because the contractions kept coming, one right after another, and I couldn't get a breath in in between. B kept encouraging me, however, that I could do it naturally and reminding me that's what I wanted and that's what would be best for the baby.

I just kept trying all kinds of positions to see what eased the pain the most as the contractions kept coming, one time three on top of each other with no pause in between. The birthing ball really helped, and then I ended up on the bed, which was up in a sitting position, and I held on to the head of the bed through each contraction while the nurse put pressure on my sacrum, which surprisingly helped a ton.

After that, chaos basically ensued. I kept asking to get checked to see how much progress I had made because I knew I couldn't handle that kind of pain much longer. A nurse tried and couldn't tell (I know...what?), so I waited for someone else to do it. I remember a bunch of people in the room doing their thing, talking, writing, coming in and out, but I was in my own little world. I could barely answer a question when someone asked something. I didn't want B to hold me, I didn't want anything. I almost yelled at a nurse who was trying to adjust the monitor on my belly because I couldn't handle someone touching it. I wanted to fling her hand away.

Soon the midwife arrived, took one look at me, and ordered the baby cart to be brought in, and the nurses rushed off. I guess she could tell this was it. She finally checked me, which broke my water, and told me that I could start pushing if I wanted to. And I had a baby in a couple more minutes! I had dilated from 6 cm to 10 in less than an hour--no wonder I was barely hanging on! It only took 2 hours 45 minutes to go from 4 cm to 10, and I just didn't expect that. This was the fastest delivery yet!

They put Naomi on my chest and it was magical feeling her little body on mine and knowing what we had been waiting for every day of the past nine months was here. I was flooded with relief that the torture was over and pride that I had done it and done it my way, without anyone pushing drugs on me or offering epidurals or making me push in the most uncomfortable position ever, on my back with my legs in the air. I had my reward at the end that was well worth all of it, and now our family is complete. Welcome, Naomi, to the world, and thank you, Jesus, for giving her to us!



Ana Ohlandt said...

Congratulations! I'm happy you received the birth you desired. :) Yes, that documentary is awesome, it's what inspired me to dive into natural birth further before my having my son.

Natasha of said...

Awww she's a beauty and Congratulations!! said...

Naomi is beautiful! Congrats on the new addition to your family.

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