She's on fire

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Soccer season is officially over. Mila had her last game on Saturday, and Ben had his the weekend before that. I'm looking forward to slower evenings at home, and with only seven more days of school left, we will be home a lot more. Less driving, less interrupted dinner prep, less piling kids in the car over and over again.

Mila loves soccer, and has enjoyed every minute of it. She seems like she's had years more practice than some of the other girls, but it's only her second season. I just think she's a natural (forgive me, I'm bragging; okay, I'm not sorry). I have to explain to other parents sometimes that no, she's not older, and no, she hasn't been playing forever. She's just kind of crazy. I swear, when she kicks, the other girls better watch out. She has no fear of taking another girl down while she's trying to get the ball away. And her kicks are powerful. Good thing they all have shin guards. It's nice that she has a sport she loves and is good at, and it doesn't hurt that her best friend is on her team, either. So far we've had a good experience with soccer.

This is the usual scene. B on the phone, Ben hanging out or shooting hoops nearby, and Olivia running around with her bestie, ignoring me when I tell her she can't go too far away from us.


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What a great post about your kids! They all sound so wonderful. I'm a nanny to a 9 year old boy and even though I'm just his nanny I too sit there and think about how fast he has grown, and what kind of man he will grow up to be. ;) I used to go to his soccer practices 3x a week, and it seemed like a really good team-building sport...glad to hear that your daughter loves it so.

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