I have artists in the house

Friday, March 1, 2013

One of my very favorite things about having kids is all the beautiful artwork they are making. It's the best when you're doing your thing somewhere in the house and a little person walks up and hands you a masterpiece, saying, "Mama, it's for you." Their art is so colorful and alive, and it reminds me all the time of what is really in their little heads, of what childhood means to them. And they are always writing "Mama, I love you" all over it. What could be better? The things they think about are so innocent and happy, you just can't help but get happy yourself when you look at their art. I have always wished I could draw, and now I get to live through my kids, who I personally like to think are amazing artists. :)

Ben was our first artist, but has now traded in his markers and crayons for books and origami. However, I still have two little girls who can't get enough of their art supplies. Olivia literally cannot sit through a car ride without drawing in one of her many notebooks. I've handed her a grocery list or a coupon to draw on when we don't have a notebook because she just can't handle it without drawing one of her puffy-lipped people on something. I have to draw the line at her drawing in the dark when we drive at night.

My sis Julia sent over a book-making kit for Mila's birthday last October, and this is one book Mila made.

Cookies, I love you too. Everything has to look like a rainbow on Mila's work these days--it's the cutest thing and reminds me of me, because I used to be obsessed with getting as many colors of the rainbow on one page as possible. It just made me happy. She is definitely my daughter. Mila shared one of her books with Olivia and these are a couple of her pages.

Mila drew the cow on the left and Olivia copied it on the right. Looks like the cow lost some weight in the process...

Soon after making those little books, Olivia makes this next one all on her own. She just comes to me to staple it together and tells me what to write on each page, and voila--a beautiful book on farmers, of all people! Well, it starts out about farmers, and then includes a little bit of everything.

I have some other cool things around the house they've made recently that I need to document on here. I am pretty proud of my kids' art, that's for sure. What mom isn't?



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