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Friday, March 1, 2013

I love a good room, with just the right balance of texture, color, pattern, neutral walls, a fun chair, and a unique lighting fixture to top it off. I've been inspired lately to keep things simple and pare my knick-knacks down as much as possible. Hey, less dusting! I've been inspired to get things up on my walls. And I've been reminded that things don't have to be perfect. Just use what you have and make it work. (Then use birthdays and holidays to ask for the things you want to add. That's my strategy anyway.)

1. This room is simple, with just a bed, a chair, and a mirror, and doesn't need much else. The light fixture adds the perfect touch to draw the eye up.

2. The mint desk takes center stage here, while the bed is neutral, making the room just right. I love black and brown together as well. Uncomplicated design.

3. I wish I had that art in my house, which is styled perfectly with that overstuffed chair and the wooden side table.

4. I don't think those bulb light fixtures will ever get old, and the table is perfect here. The hanging bowls and a simple night table make this room in the next picture.

5. I have started loving photography on the wall more than ever lately, and those shelves are beautiful and functional at the same time. Perfect balance.

6. I need that Ikea cabinet in my life, all elegant and utilitarian at once.

7. Vintage mirrors will never get old for me (though I really can't stand trunks and suitcases as tables). And I'm dreaming about those pink chairs in the second picture.

8. A neutral couch, coffee table, and walls, even the black painting, let the colorful things shine in the room.

9. I would love that table forever if I could only find where to buy it. A pretty bookcase with art on top is a great idea.

All images from my Pinterest account.



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