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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I painted Mila's room last week, which is now officially Mila and Olivia's room, and I am still working on getting enough energy to paint the baby room next. It's mostly taped and all the switch plates are off, but I just can't bring myself to start that project yet. I've been stalling, mostly probably because my back and pelvis started hurting so badly after doing Mila's room that I am less than excited to go through that again. It took me two days to paint the room, in between school drop-offs and pick-ups, keeping the family fed and all the other good stuff that comes with keeping a household running smoothly. It was the best feeling, however, to be done and be able to get all the clothes and things back in their spots, with not a thing out of place or an extra item laying around that we don't need anymore. I thrive on that feeling of organized bliss. It really feels like bliss to me (I know I'm weird, I embrace it).

We put two full beds together, which created only a foot of space in between so the girls could actually get in their beds. No room for a night table in between--bummer. It works, though, and the room is sooo cozy now. I love the eclectic look of the different beds next to each other, and I love how all the colors pop against the white walls now. I thought Mila's big pink dresser would have to go, but B realized it may still fit in between Olivia's bed and the closet and pushed that monster back in there. Mila was over the moon about that fact because she had been shedding tears over having to give up that dresser. I didn't even know she loved it that much, but I think it was just too much change for her to handle all at once. It was really cute how she kept bringing up to me that night over and over that she couldn't believe the dresser still fit. I ultimately want that dresser out of there because it's just too big for the space and I want to replace it with a bookshelf I've had picked out for a couple years now. We haven't moved the girls' books back in yet and they continue to hang out in the hall until I figure something temporary out.

The biggest challenge has been fitting all their clothes into the room. Most of Olivia's things are in the closet and most of Mila's things are in her dresser. The stacks of clothes in the closet are so high and close together that I doubt we can keep order in there for long, and it's hard to see clothes that are behind other piles of clothes, but we will have to make it work. Girls and their clothes...

This is what the closet looks like now (I didn't paint it yet, but maybe after I am done with all the rooms I want to paint first, I'll get to it).

That elephant head up on the top shelf has a funny little story behind it. It used to be part of Mila's pinata for her last birthday, and she loved it so much that she actually kept all the pieces. I thought it was harmless and let her keep them, but then they started shedding tissue paper all over the place and I was over it, so I threw out all but the head and two legs. I thought I could get rid of the rest of them this time around, but Mila only agreed to throwing one leg out, and refused to let me touch the other two pieces. Because I love my daughter so much, I let her keep the head and BOTH legs. I know, mom of the year award coming right up! We'll see how long her elephant head attachment continues.


3 comments: said...

My husband has the same Cheburashka as your daughter!!! His sister gifted it to him on his birthday a few years back as a joke, and it's been hanging out in our office ever since! :)

You definitely win mom of the year award for that pinata! Hilarious story.

Vadim said...

You never stop to amaze me Tanya :). You have quite a talent, I bet your kids get to have a lot of fun with you.

Tanya said...

My son has a Vovk, so I got each of the girls a cheburashka for Christmas last year! I think it's the cutest little TV character ever.

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