Sunshine, we're waiting on you

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The weekend before last we had a nice slow morning at home and then headed out the door towards evening. Too bad we weren't expecting it to be quite so cold, so our park adventure wasn't quite as fun as we'd hoped. The plan was to take a walk by the river, but I got too cold to walk very far so that didn't go over too well. I ended up sitting out in the car for a bit while the kids played, and we ended the day with some Mediterranean food and a stop at the frozen yogurt place. The kids know not to take their coats and hats off because they always get cold after their frozen yogurt, but it doesn't stop them from begging to go!

Have I mentioned yet that I love Saturdays? :)

Time together (all five of us), good food and treats--what more could you ask for, really?



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